Class 7 Cleanroom Injection Moulding Experts

Class 7 Cleanroom Injection Moulding Experts  

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Welcome to Data Plastics Medical

Specialist manufacturers of medical and biomedical components

Data Plastics Medical specialise in the production of medical and biomedical components.  With a long established impeccable reputation, we design, manufacture and assemble millions of high precision moulded plastic parts.

Our Class 7 cleanroom provides a clean environment for the production of complex, high quality, clean parts.  The cleanroom is validated against BS EN ISO 14644 Class 7 specification, HEPA filtered and air conditioned.  We are certified to BS EN ISO 13485 for medical and bio-medical device manufacturing and medical assembly.

Working across diverse sectors including pharmaceutical, drug delivery, medical and healthcare industries, we are committed to continual investment to improve standards and technology to meet the needs of our clients.

With a dedicated technical team to assist with every project, our experienced CAD engineers help with design, prototype, tooling and small batch runs through to full manufacture.

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