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Ostom-i Alert sensorMichael Seres has first-hand experience of stoma bag use following a number of operations and intestinal failure with an incurable bowel condition.    As an ‘end user’ following an intestinal transplant, he spotted the need for a device to help both patients and the medical profession to monitor ostomy pouch output,  This led to the start of his UK based company, 11-Health, and the development of the first ever Bluetooth connected device complete with mobile App.

Michael’s idea was to develop a sensor with an alert for a full ostomy pouch.  His path to Data Plastics was on the inside track when his business partner, Adam Bloom, recommended he met with Carl Reeve, Managing Director at Data Plastics Medical to develop his concept.  Working closely with the Data Plastics team, Michael particularly liked the practical sense applied to the project.  ‘Their Tooling & Design Manager, Nigel Tozer was very knowledgeable and would tell me my idea would work but always challenge me and offer options’ he added.

‘We had lots of meetings and shared many drawings.  As an end user needing a solution, I didn’t have the technical experience or engineering competence which the company provided.  They were very helpful in speeding up the design and development process to get the device manufactured.’

During the Design and development stages of the plastic encased sensor, Data Plastics provided 3D printing which was clearly the way forward to cost effectively develop and test prototypes before progressing to tooling.   ‘Behind the technical changes are the people, which is where Data Plastics excel.  Nigel is a people person who always listened and responded to my many questions’, commented Michael.

The journey was not without its challenges.  One of the many issues faced was working with an end user not stereotypical of everyone that would use such a device, so it had to be adapted to cater for all types of people across the board.

The device sends secure real-time data to most mobile devices and is the first connected device and app to monitor ostomy pouch output.  Data can be stored locally or in the cloud to share with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

The Alert Sensor has helped me and many others who have stoma bags.  Sold extensively in the USA as well as the UK, 11 Health are working to improve the technology to make it smarter, quicker, smaller and sleeker.  ‘It has been great working with the Data Plastics team to provide a sensor to improve so many lives and it greatly assists the medical profession by providing real time data to eliminate the need for manual measurement of ostomy output, with the sensor automating the process.’



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