High quality standards are at the heart of our company ethos

Quality testing

Our quality certification is maintained by our experienced team of quality assurance engineers and inspectors.  Every aspect of our manufacturing operation is closely monitored.

We operate BS EN ISO 9001 across our company and continually monitor quality issues with a process of continual improvement.

We are certified to BS EN ISO 13485 – the international standard quality management system for the design and development, production, installation and servicing of medical and bio-medical devices. Our Class 7 cleanroom facility is validated against the BS EN ISO 14644 specification for airborne particulate cleanliness.

BS EN ISO 14001 relates to the implementation of an effective environmental management system. This helps minimise how our operations and processes negatively affect the environment, help us comply with the laws and regulations and assist us with ways we can continually improve.

Data Plastics are committed to continual investment in our plant, machinery, warehousing, facilities, staff training and development.  We continually seek to improve our quality standards and have the latest in measuring technology.  The CMM Axiom 900 (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) enables us to produce regular and rapid batch checks on our manufactured components. With its precise inspection capabilities we can provide our customers with the highest level of precision and accuracy.